About Children at Bay Terrace

We acknowledge and respect our nation’s first people. We believe that respect comes from understanding; an environment that reflects the cultural richness of its members is critical to develop strong understanding and connection.

We endeavour to provide opportunities for all children to become successful learners for life; confident, capable and creative individuals; and active and informed citizens of the community. We acknowledge each child as individual with unique needs, interests and strengths. We believe that children learn best through play. We also believe that a sense of belonging is central for children to feel secure and become confident and active in the process of constructing their own understanding of the world.

We are passionate about inspiring in children a sense of curiosity and wonder in their world. Together with children, we learn about our world and endeavour to maintain the connections. We promote care and respect for people and environment through everyday practice. We create a supportive and stimulating environment where children feel warmth and care; and where their abilities are nurtured through a play based curriculum. We acknowledge different ways of learning, being and doing. We listen to every child to ensure that their voices are heard and included, and that the experiences we provide are reflective of their interests and identities. We sustain shared thinking to extend children’s interests and abilities. We also encourage positive risk taking, self-help and decision making to foster positive self-esteem and resilience.

We value partnerships with children, families, other professionals and the wider community. We strive to create a welcoming environment where all children and families feel belong and connected. We also actively establish links with various community resources and organisations to meet the needs of our children and families.

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